{how it's made: seed to bead jewelry}

All of our jewelry from Ecuador is created from seeds that are sustainably harvested in the Andean region of Ecuador. Some materials are gathered from the rainforest floor while others require a skilled farmer to climb high into the tropical canopy to harvest ripe pods. Through a manual, low energy process, tagua, acai, and pambil seeds are transformed into fashion forward pieces that tell a story of sustainability. Each bead will have sculptural natural irregularities, both in color and form, to create a truly one of a kind piece.

After the seeds are transformed to beads, skillful artisans craft them into beautiful bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

Two of those artisans, Nancy and Carlos, create jewelry in their home workshop and hope to one day meet the people that buy their jewelry. The couple looks forward to their continued access to the global market to save for their children's education. "It fills us with great pride to know that our work is appreciated throughout the world. Thank you for allowing us to make a living from our craft."